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Ships Hold and dry space Water Ingress Detection and Alarm Monitoring Systems

PSM has over thirty years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and maintaining ship hold water ingress detection systems.

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BulkSafe for WIDS and WIAS

BulkSafe addresses all the requirements not only for WIDS and WIAS but also water level detection systems (WLDS). As a result, we can provide a total package for all applications from bulk carrier hold flood detection to single hold ship water level and ingress detection for general cargo vessels.

PSM’s BulkSafe system provides a robust, reliable, simple to install and easy to operate solution for this critical water ingress detection in all cargo hold and dry space applications. BulkSafe has been tested and approved by all the main marine societies and complies with SOLAS XII Regulation 12 and SOLAS Chapter II-1 Part B Regulation 23-3.

For further information on PSM’s water ingress detection and alarm monitoring systems, please visit our BulkSafe pages or contact us to discuss your requirements.