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Discontinued products

While not available for new sales, we continue to service and support a range of legacy products.

Header image for Obsolete products no longer manufactured by PSM

Products no longer manufactured by PSM

The following products are no longer manufactured for new sales by PSM:

  • 700 borehole level transmitter - is replaced by ict 1000 Industrial hydrostatic level transmitter
  • 5xx Elite / Integra pressure transmitters
  • 360 hygienic series pressure transmitters
  • WateReel portable level instrumentation
  • LST latching flood alarm
  • Torflow averaging pitot tube element
  • Ultrameter I ultrasonic level transmitter - is replaced by Ultrasonic 8000 series Level Transmitter
  • BTL Bottle Switch
  • Nerieda Ship Loading Computer software
  • TDR 6011 level radar
  • BulkSafe Water Ingress Detection System

Please contact us for replacements, spares, repairs and support of existing products.