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SOLAS Chapter II-1 Part B Regulation 23-3

Single hold cargo ships other than bulkers must be fitted with an approved water level detection system such as BulkSafe to comply with the SOLAS Regulation II-1/23-3.

Header image for Solas Regulations for Water Level Detection and Alarm Systems

Water Level Detection and Alarm Systems for Single Hold Cargo Ships

1. Cargo ships other than bulk carriers defined in 31A.1.2 (1), Part C, having a length (Lf) of less than 80 m and a single cargo hold below the freeboard deck or cargo holds below the freeboard deck which are not separated by at least one bulkhead made watertight up to that deck, are to be fitted in such space or spaces with water level detection and alarm systems in accordance with the following:

1.1. The water level detection and alarm systems are to give an audible and visual alarm at the navigation bridge when the water level above the inner bottom in the cargo hold reaches a height of not less than 0.3 m, and another when such level reaches not more than 15% of the mean depth of the cargo hold.

1.2. The systems are to be fitted at the aft end of the hold, or above its lowest part where the inner bottom is not parallel to the designed waterline. Where webs or partial watertight bulkheads are fitted above the inner bottom, the fitting of additional detectors may be required.

1.3. The systems are to have constructions and functions deemed appropriate by the Society.

2. Alarms given by the water level detection and alarm systems specified in -1 are to be capable of identifying the space where the water level reaches the alarm level and the water level specified in -1(1) at the navigation bridge. The above alarms are also to be capable of being easily distinguishable from alarms given by other installations in the navigation bridge.

3. Manuals documented operating and maintenance procedures for the water level detection and alarm systems specified in -1 are to be kept on board.

4. Notwithstanding the provisions of -1, the water level detection and alarm systems need not to be fitted in ships complying with the requirements of 13.8.5, or in ships having watertight side compartments each side of the cargo hold length extending vertically at least from inner bottom to freeboard deck having a breadth deemed as appropriate by the Society.

For information about the PSM BulkSafe water ingress detection system for bulk carriers which fully complies with SOLAS Regulations please click here or contact us to discuss your requirements.