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PSM BulkSafe is an essential cargo hold water ingress detecting system designed specifically for cargo hold flood detection on Bulk Carriers. 

Header image for BulkSafe Water Ingress Detection and Water Level Alarm System

BulkSafe for WIDS and WIAS

BulkSafe draws upon comprehensive expertise and experience in supplying, monitoring and alarm systems for shipboard liquid levels to provide a robust, reliable, simple to install and operate solution for this critical water ingress detection in all cargo applications.

There are two versions of BulkSafe as follows:

BulkSafe – Water Ingress Detection System (WIDS): A permanent ship's hold water ingress detection system (WIDS) for bulk carriers. It is fully type approved in accordance with SOLAS XII Regulation 12, IACS UR S24, IMO DE 46/18/1 and IMO DE 46/18/2 performance standard for water level detectors & IACS UI SC180.

BulkSafe – Water Level Detection System (WLDS): Suitable for water level detection in single hold cargo ships in accordance with SOLAS Chapter II-1 Part B Regulation 23-3.

BulkSafe complies fully with the stringent IMO performance standards for water ingress detection systems having undergone extensive testing in the presence of all of the major classification societies.  The system is offered with full type approval from Det Norke Veritas (DNV), Bureau Veritas (BV) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

To cover all applications a choice of sensors fittings are offered, with BulkSafe systems requiring only one sensor per holdto detect both pre and main alarm conditions. Sensor and system operation may be checked at any time irrespective of hold status by using a simple test mechanism built into the deck termination enclosure. No additional compressed air or water services are needed to carry out this test.

Key Features

  • Water ingress alarm for cargo holds insensitive to product type or build-up.
  • Simple to install and operate.
  • Only one sensor required in each hold.
  • Constant self-checking of detection sensors and ‘live zero’ alarm signal confirms system operational health.
  • Simple menu driven / push button operation with full functional checks available at any time from the central monitor and alarm panel or deck mount termination enclosures outside the hold (holds empty or filled).
  • Complies with SOLAS XII Regulation 12 (WIDS) and SOLAS Chapter II-1 Part B Regulation 23-3 (WLDS).
  • Output to ship's VDR using standard BS-EN61162 protocol provides a complete status of operational events.
  • Optional relay outputs from the main control panel allow additional repeater alarm panels to be installed in other locations.
  • Possible to retrofit to existing systems that have failed in service and are uneconomic to repair

For further information and technical details, please download our BulkSafe datasheet or contact us to discuss your requirements