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Mud and Slurry Density Transmitter

PSM has designed and developed the 290 Series as a reliable and accurate transmitter for density measurement of drilling mud, slurry, cement and completion fluid that with over 15 years of installed success has gained worldwide acceptance with a majority of the major oil field service companies.

Header image for 290 series density transmitter for mud and slurry

290 Series

The 290 Series transmitter measures density as a function of differential pressure. It is rugged yet accurate, providing reliable measurement of the density or specific gravity in drilling mud holding tanks and return sumps.

Each unit has two pressure sensitive diaphragms mechanically separated by a fixed distance on a mounting pole. Under normal operation, with both diaphragms submerged and the distance between them fixed, any variation in the pressure differential between them must be a function of the liquid density. The diaphragms are protected by enclosure cages to prevent damage from mechanical impact or debris.

For further information and technical details, please download our 290 Series Mud Density Transmitter datasheet or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Key Features

  • Density transmitter for drilling mud, slurry, cement and completion fluids.
  • Designed to be installed in mixing, recirculation and storage tanks
  • Simple and flexible pole-mounting installation from the top-of-tank
  • Remote transmitter suitable for installation in a hazardous area
  • Robust and reliable construction for arduous duty and extended service
  • Sensors protected by stainless steel cage easily removable for cleaning
  • Temperature compensated measurement with low thermal sensitivity
  • 2 Wire 4-20mA output signal calibrated to suit the application