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Versatile Process Monitoring Display to make tank monitoring simple

Our Versatile Process Monitoring (VPM) Display is designed for smaller vessels and makes tank monitoring simple.

Header image for Versatile Process Monitoring Display to make tank monitoring simple.

A tank level monitoring solution for smaller vessels

The VPM 4300 offers tank level monitoring with a centralised tank content display which presents the operator with a clear display of the tank level measurements. The VPM can be configured to suit the application and based on the number, size and type of tanks to be measured through remote tank monitoring. With remote display options and cost-effective installation, the VPM is the perfect choice for all your tank content indication requirements.

VPM4300 is based around an intuitive user interface, with a clear graphical display of the application, putting information where it’s needed by the crew.

Flexible Input and Output options including digital, analogue, and serial, provide an interface to sensors, transmitters and postioners that are used to monitor and control the application plant and hardware.

With the monitor’s advanced alarm functionality, exceptions and incidents can be quickly and obviously alerted to the crew for remedial action.

Operation of the VPM 4300 is simple and intuitive using a wired or onscreen popup keyboard for programming or application schematic using graphical icons that show the application being measured and controlled.

Display, control, alarm and data storage functionality is factory programmed or is user configurable via the simple to use ISS software tool supplied by PSM.

Designed for marine applications and constructed using marine grade materials, the module is designed to be robust and reliable over many years of duty.

For more information on the VPM4300 please download our datasheet or please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss in more detail.

Key Features

The design, functionality, powerful programming tools and ease of operation of the VPM 4300 provides an ideal HMI solution for other marine and industrial applications, where use of the Windows operating system & X86 PC is an unnecessary complication and expense.

The module can be supplied configured and programmed by PSM with the application specific functionality or as a bare-bones system.

  • Display and control operator module providing a HMI (Human Machine Interface) to the process application.
  • Used with PSM tank gauging and safety compliance marine systems
  • Also ideal as an OEM product for other industrial applications
  • 7” VGA high visibility touchscreen with wired or popup keyboard
  • Powerful ARM A8 Cortex processor running the Linux operating system with onboard and SD card memory
  • Flexible range of Input & Output include Ethernet, RS485 with analogue and digital module options
  • Panel or wall mount installation
  • Robust and reliable design based on PSM’s over 40 years of industrial expertise