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VPM 4310 - marine tank level measurement made easy

Designed for smaller vessels, and providing electronic measurement with a centralised display, VPM 4310 is a packaged system offering clear accuracy and functional advantages compared to mechanical and visual level gauges.

Header image for Marine tank level measurement system with centralised display

Cost-effective and simple to operate

PSM has drawn upon thirty years of global marine application experience, developing products that offer the highest possible standards in terms of performance, versatility, functionality and reliability.

Where required, parts are certified for installation in a hazardous area and approved by major classification societies for use in marine applications. They are suitable for fuel, lube oil, water, bilge and ballast level tanks.

Allows the benefits of electronic measurement transmitters and centralised display with alarm handling to be used for fuel and service tanks, but at a reduced cost compared to a radar based inventory systems or transmitters connected to a PLC running custom software.

Each system is delivered configured to suit the application, based on the actual number, size and type of tanks to be measured.

Level transmitters terminate in the connection modules which require just one 4 wire cable to distribute power and communications.

The display presents the operator with a clear display of all tank level measurements and alarm states. Each tank is depicted by a bar graph with text information for level, volume and temperature.


Key Features

  • Tank level measurement with centralised display and alarm handling

  • Optimised for vessels with up to 15 tank measuring points

  • Accurate and repeatable

  • Cost-effective purchase

  • Simple to install and operate

  • Supplied ready configured

  • Suitable for fuel, lube oil, water, bilge and ballast level applications

  • Uses marine proven components: