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Remote Function Module (RFM)

PSM’s Remote Function Module (RFM) family provides a range of field termination modules, offered with various configurations, to both simplify the installation and increase the functionality of the PSM.

Header image for Remote Function Module (RFM) Termination and IS Barrier Modules

RFM Termination and Intrinsically Safe Barrier Modules

The RFM family partners PSM’s ict 1000 level transmitter to provide both simple multi-drop network connections and full compliance with ATEX intrinsic safety standards for power and Modbus loop where required.  

RFM is offered with configurations ranging from a simple termination box to a field mounted Modbus converter that also allows conventional 4-20mA transmitters to be connected to the same multi-drop data bus to the host system.

The entire range is offered in a lightweight IP67 aluminium enclosure or a rugged IP67 steel enclosure suitable for harsh environments or open deck mounting.

Key Features

  • Simple to install and commission with flexibility for power and Modbus loop intrinsically safe protection
  • Provides significant reduction in analogue signal cable costs when used in Modbus digital loop mode
  • Suitable for harsh environments and open deck mounting

For further information and technical details, please download our RFM Termination and Intrinsically Safe Barrier Modules datasheet or contact us to discuss your requirements.