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TankView Windows software for marine tank monitoring and supervision

PSM’s marine tank monitoring systems are powerful, versatile and simple to use. TankView offers comprehensive marine tank level display and control facilities in a range of hardware options - the perfect tank inventory management system.

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A Windows software package using Modbus data communication for marine tank level acquisition, control and display

The flexibility and connectivity offered by TankView ensures that tailoring the optimum system for a ship wide application is straightforward and economic.

TankView is a simple to operate graphic display software package running within the Windows environment. It provides the user with a clear picture of the current status of all inputs for a complete tank gauging solution.

The input data can be collected from a variety of measurement sources including the PSM ict 1000 smart hydrostatic level transmitter using Modbus serial communications, conventional 4-20 mA analogue devices and digital switch inputs.

Each level transmitter input is represented by a graphical object which shows the current status in both graphical bargraph and numeric format.  Numeric values such as level, volume and ullage can be displayed in any user selectable engineering unit.

Sensor input objects can be arranged in a number of windows according to tank duty or location to provide a clear picture of the current status of all inputs.

Key features


  • Suitable for all shipboard tanks, also monitoring  and correction of other parameters such as trim and list
  • Designed to operate directly with PSM ict 1000 smart hydrostatic level transmitters and PSM RFM interface modules.  Can also interface with other sensor systems
  • Display layout is fully customisable to suit each requirement. Colours. sizes, information fields and number of objects on each display tab are tailored to suit customer application
  • Simple system expansion allows additional monitoring points and alarm outputs


For further information and technical details on our tank monitoring systems, please download our TankView Marine Tank Level Monitoring System datasheet or contact us to discuss your requirements.