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APT 1000 Intelligent Hydrostatic Level Transmitter for Marine Tank Gauging

Designed and constructed for marine tank gauging, PSM has drawn upon nearly 40 years of global marine application experience in developing the APT 1000 to provide a liquid level transitter that delivers the highest possible standards in terms of performance, versatility, functionality and reliability.

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APT 1000 Intelligent Hydrostatic Level Transmitter for Marine Tank Gauging

The APT 1000 provides a reduced weight and size compared to previous generations and takes full advantage of advancements in electronic design to provide enhanced accuracy and stability under varying operating temperatures. Body construction is all laser welded, eliminating any possibility of leaks, and all versions are IP68 certified suitable for full immersion to a minimum of 50M WG. A choice of construction materials, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Hastelloy, ensure corrosion resistance in all applications and all measurement ranges will tolerate an overload of 2 x nominal range with no adverse effects to performance or calibration.

The transmitters electronics are fully integrated within the body and encorporate a powerful micro-controller to precisely monitor and process the output of the pressure cell. On-board non-volatile memory allows each transmitter to be fully configured for its intended duty either during manufacture or subsequently while in operation.

The transmitter is certified according to ATEX and IECEx regulations for installation in a hazardous area and Type Approved by DNV-GL as suitable for use in marine applications.

Key Features

Robust all welded submersible construction suitable for harsh environments

Choice of construction materials compatible with all common marine liquid measurement applications

Process connections and fixings for side of tank or submersible installation

Simple to install, accurate and stable, robust and reliable

Gauge or Absolute options with a wide measuring span and 0.1% performance

Dual-mode operation provides outputs as 4-20mA and RS485 Modbus

DNV-GL Type Approved and IECEx / ATEX certified for hazardous areas (Zone 0)