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Bunker and cargo fuel oil tank monitoring and reporting system for vessels

Monitoring and reporting of unauthorised bunker and cargo fuel oil fuel discharged from the tanks on marine vessels

Header image for FuelView cargo and fuel monitoring and reporting system

A powerful deterrent to the theft of valuable cargo by the crew

PSM has designed and developed the FuelView system as a low cost solution for the monitoring and remote reporting of  unauthorised bunker and cargo fuel oil discharge from the vessel’s tanks

The system uses a level transmitter in each tank to continuously monitor the contents, accurately recording the bunker fuel oil loaded in port and subsequent usage during the voyage. The level reading is recorded by a central monitor unit that is cross-referenced by time and vessel location obtained from the GPS system.

Additionally, the precise and traceable accounting for stock acts as a powerful deterrent to unauthorised fuel offloading or theft.

All vessel tanks can be simultaneously measured with high accuracy and long term reliability.

At user defined times the central monitor unit transmits the tank level readings as a small encrypted report to a designated Management Office of the company.  Transmission can be via GRPS (cellular radio), email or satellite.

Using a PSM supplied PC program, land based personnel can compare the reports to the legitimate delivery schedules and unauthorised offloading detected as potential theft.  It is also possible to flag these occurrences as exception alerts and raise an immediate alarm for investigation.

Further functionality includes the ability to provide an automatic alert when a vessel approaches low emission zones and then record the type of fuel used referenced against geographic location, so ensuring compliance with areas where NoX and SoX exhaust gas emissions are restricted.

  • Simple to install and operate system for monitoring and reporting of unauthorised bunker fuel and lubricant oil discharged from the cargo tanks on vessels.
  • Accurate and reliable tank level measurement using continuous level transmitters.
  • Detects fraudulent attempts to “top up” tanks with water.Anti-tamper design prevents inference or damage by the crew.
  • Optional internal power back-up ensures reports are delivered even if primary power is cut.
  • Activity reports are delivered to the Management Office via GRPS (cellular radio), email or satellite for analysis of vessel operations and comparison against delivery and voyage schedule.