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Launching the VPMS 4310 for Marine Applications

Image of Launching the VPMS 4310 for Marine Applications28 Oct 2019

The VPMS 4310 uses our new and improved VPM 4300 display panel, together with our RFM connection modules and APT1000 level transmitters, to create a complete tank monitoring solution with a centralised display and output to other systems.

The VPMS comes with a whole host of benefits, including:

- Simple set up and installation

- Low cost of installation

- Multi-drop interconnection for reduced cabling and remote programming

- Real-time display with option for data logging

- Data output to distributed display points and other shipboard systems

Each VPMS package is configured to your specific marine application and we’re confident that once you see our new VPMS, you’ll agree with us that tank monitoring has never been easier!

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