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Total Tank Gauging for Turquoise Yachts - Turkey

Image of Total Tank Gauging for Turquoise Yachts - Turkey19 Sep 2019

Our VPM display and APT1000 transmitters are recognised across the industry for their flexibility and ease of installation, and this was well illustrated with this luxury yacht project.

A total of four of our VPM display units are to be fitted, interconnected via an ethernet network and sharing date on all monitored tanks. Our APT1000 transmitters will be installed in all tanks and connected directly to the nearest VPM unit via a multi-drop RS485 network. This bespoke arrangement minimises the use of system cabling, whilst still providing the possibility to display all tanks at all locations.

In addition, one of the VPM’s will connect to the vessels alarm monitoring system via a direct RS485 link and so provide continually updated tank status.

Completing the Tank Gauging package, PSM Series 600 Self-Powered Content Gauges fitted to all tanks will provide an independent local content indication. Also level alarm switches fitted to critical tanks will provide low / high alarm warnings.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Turquoise Yachts and the complete system will be delivered pre-configured with all tank table data and display requirements providing a plug and play solution, meaning very little time will be required for installation and commissioning of the system.

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