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PSM again selected as Instrument Supplier for Offshore Wind Turbine Platforms

Image of PSM again selected as Instrument Supplier for Offshore Wind Turbine Platforms08 May 2019

The floating foundation is semi-submersible and anchored to the seabed. It is built entirely onshore, including the installation of the turbine, thus avoiding the use of scarce marine resources.

We were selected as the instrument supplier for the initial floating wind platform project in Portugal, which was the first offshore wind turbine in open Atlantic waters. Due to the success of this project, we were asked to supply instrumentation for the next phase which covers a total of seven wind platforms – one in Spain, two in Portugal, and four in France.

As part of our role in the project, we have supplied marine certified instrumentation including submersible switches to monitor water levels and ingress for flood detection, continuous level monitoring transmitters and pressure transmitters for various process pressures. We already have orders in place for the 3 off 8 MW platforms and expect to see the same for the 4 off 6 MW platforms as this phase of the project progresses.

These two projects will demonstrate the low risk profile and economic competitiveness of the technology, preparing the way for future commercial size floating offshore wind farms.

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