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Integrated Systems from Scanjet for the Marine Industry

Image of  Integrated Systems from Scanjet for the Marine Industry 05 Feb 2018

We call this our ITAMA (Intelligent Tank Management) solution and it means that the products and systems from the Scanjet portfolio have been developed over many years of experience in the marine sector and integrated so that they work seamlessly together.

Scanjet’s product range is continually expanding. The innovative Scanvent P/V valves have taken a significant share of the market, the Vapour Emission Control systems reduce costs and harmful emissions, and within the last 12 months, Scanjet have introduced the most efficient Inert Gas Generation systems available. Tank loading computers, and remote valve control systems, now complete the ITAMA picture.

Using our ITAMA solution ensures you’ll have a single source for complete project management, and with Scanjet’s expertise and global presence, full and effective world-wide support.

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