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Working with the Thai Royal Navy

Image of Working with the Thai Royal Navy01 Jun 2017

The ship is currently under construction at Bangkok Dock Naval Yard and will join the HTMS Krabi as a second vessel of this design. Both vessels will be used to conduct routine patrols, border control and fishery protection, as well as being deployed for disaster relief operations and natural resources protection in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea.

Our 260 Series level transmitters are highly proven and fully compliant in the field, and are already in service on all four vessels of the UK Royal Navy’s River class design and subsequent variations, three vessels of the Omani Navy’s Khareef Class and three vessels of the Brazils’ Amazonas Class.

The 260 transmitter provides reliable and accurate monitoring of liquid levels in shipboard tanks and it’s robust construction affords low maintenance costs.

You can find out more about our Series 260 Level Transmitters here.


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