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PSM Tank Gauging System Corrects for Vessel Trim & List

Image of PSM Tank Gauging System Corrects for Vessel Trim & List 29 Jul 2013

When it is important to accurately determine the liquid volumes on board a vessel, tank gauging systems must take into account a ship’s trim and list. Otherwise, a false reading could be provided, leading to an inaccurate calculation of the volume and, in some cases, the subsequent value of a cargo.

PSM’s latest tank gauging system combines level measurement transmitters with an associated display and control system that is capable of calculating the required corrections to take account of uneven keel and/or trim. The PSM system provides automatic correction of the tank volumes based upon measurement of the vessel’s draft and/or its inclination.

Two options are available from PSM, both using its ict1000 hydrostatic level transmitter.  For draft measurement only, two transmitters are installed, fore and aft.  Alternatively, to also take account of trim, four transmitters can be installed, adding one each mid-ships on port and starboard.

PSM’s tank gauging system will also display actual draft values for all points monitored.  Angular inclination can be measured in two planes, trim and heel, by the use of one or two solid state inclinometers mounted within the superstructure.  Again, these angles can be displayed on the ship’s bridge or similar. 

PSM can supply a system preconfigured with tank level data tables, based on the naval architect’s design calculations for the specific vessel. This assists installation and set-up. Indeed, the PSM system is often specified by ship designers because of its simplicity, and the fact that it offers an economical solution for non-inventory tank measurements such as fuel, product and cargo tanks, including those on off-shore support vessels and product tankers. 

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