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BulkSafe provides Safe and Flexible WIAS Solution for Dalian Shipbuilders

Image of BulkSafe provides Safe and Flexible WIAS Solution for Dalian Shipbuilders09 Aug 2012

At 315,000 tonnes draft weight the Dalian OC3000 series vessels are amongst the largest bulkers ever constructed. Ships of this class are mandated by SOLAS legislation to be fitted with WIAS to detect the presence of water at the bottom of cargo holds that could under certain ship conditions cause liquefaction of the ore cargo. This is a major cause of cargo movement, instability and consequential listing risk. Each of the seven identical vessels had five ore hold and two engine space measurement points.

Dalian was seeking a WIAS supplier that it could be confident would provide service and support in the years ahead and whose products have type approval from all relevant marine authorities. PSM was selected because of the company’s credibility and track record of successfully installing robust and reliable, globally approved safety critical equipment on bulk carriers.

PSM’s experience in providing safety technology to the cargo shipping industry had led to the development of BulkSafe, a proven system that detects the presence of the water in bulk carriers and which conforms to SOLAS XII Regulation 12 for bulk carrier cargo holds.

The BulkSafe installation for Dalian comprised cargo mounted water level transmitters connected to a central control alarm panel. The system was simple to install with only one ‘live zero’ water level transmitter required per hold with easy ‘check-from-the-deck’ operational functionality. PSM’s expertise meant it was able to customise the standard BulkSafe design to add the extra functionality required by Dalian. Repeater alarm panels were slaved around the ship from the central panel along with a data connection to the ship’s voyager data recorder (VDR).

Dalian also benefitted from PSM’s local engineering and commissioning support via its Chinese technical partner located in Dalian city, close to the shipyard.

PSM has over thirty year’s experience in designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and maintaining advanced marine instrumentation, software systems and application solutions.  BulkSafe complies fully with the stringent IMO performance standards having undergone extensive testing in the presence of all of the major classification societies.  The system is offered with full type approval from Det Norke Veritas (DNV), Bureau Veritas (BV), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the China Classification Society (CCS).

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