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Tankview System Provides Level Measurement Control and Flexibility at Grandweld Shipyards

Image of Tankview System Provides Level Measurement Control and Flexibility at Grandweld Shipyards07 Jun 2012

The TankView solution provided by PSM has reduced costs and simplified the amount of project engineering required by Grandweld. 

Grandweld needed an accurate, reliable and flexible system of measurement, compliant with all relevant marine standards and hazardous area approvals, in order to meet twenty diverse level measurement applications.  These included fuel, lubricant, water and drilling fluids in a number of process, storage and waste tanks distributed around each of two 57 metre offshore support vessels.

To meet these complex requirements, PSM provided a complete factory-configured system comprising ict 1000 level transmitters; RFM connection and barrier modules; and TankView, a Windows software based package using Modbus data communication for marine tank level acquisition, control and display. 

The TankView software was configured by PSM to the exact requirement of Grandweld and its operating procedures, providing an ergonomic and simple to use operator interface.  Since the ships are designed to be adaptable in operation and any tank can be used for multiple products, the flexibility of TankView allows easy reconfiguration to suit the voyage.  This reduces the potential for errors in loading and unloading cargo. 

Featuring rugged, touch screen panel-mount PCs, PSM’s TankView hardware is ideally suited to withstand the harsh operating environments onboard.  The flexibility of the PSM Modbus digital tank gauging architecture allows multiple PCs to be used on the same data bus.  This provides several points around the vessel for display and control of the tanks as well as system redundancy in case of the failure of any PC.   

As a specialist provider of advanced marine instrumentation, software systems and application solutions for the marine industry, PSM has a proven track record with Grandweld, having supplied the market leading shipyard with a range of products including level transmitters, mechanical level switches and bilge level switches.

For more information on the TankView solution and all other PSM marine instrumentation systems, email us  or call on +44 (0) 1444 410040.

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