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ict 1000 saves time and money in drilling rig refits

Image of ict 1000 saves time and money in drilling rig refits26 Apr 2012

Our client needed to replace obsolete level measurement transmitters that had failed in service with a reliable system that could accurately measure the liquid and mud in process, storage and waste tanks distributed around its three mobile jackup platforms, each with 30 tank measurement points.

By simplifying the installation process, our ict 1000 smart hydrostatic tank level transmitters have ensured faster commissioning while reducing weight load and refurbishment costs for a major Middle East operator of oil and gas drilling platforms. 

An integrated network of PSM ict 1000 level transmitters and PSM RFM interface units connected using a Modbus communication loop to the control system proved the ideal solution for a number of reasons:

  • Simplified Installation: PSM was able to provide a complete factory configured system including RFM connection and barrier modules.  The use of a Modbus network system greatly simplifies a multi-tank installation when compared to traditional analogue transmitters.
  • Cost Savings: The wide range of process connection and installation accessories available with the ict 1000 meant that replacing the old transmitters was quickly completed, saving significant time and cost.
  • Greater Accuracy: ict1000 utilises a corrosion resistant ceramic sensor cell that ensures a wide measuring span and long term stability, as well as resistance to short-term over pressure pulses.
  • Reduced Weight Load: The Modbus digital power and measurement operation provided a significant weight saving compared to traditional analogue measurement technology using copper cabling
  • Full Compliance:  With all relevant marine standards and hazardous area approvals, the ict 1000 is field proven in global marine installations.

If you want to find out more about how to save time and money by simplifying your next tank level transmitter installation, email us at, or call on +44 (0) 1444 410040.

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