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Protecting cargo from liquefaction hazard

Image of Protecting cargo from liquefaction hazard29 Mar 2012

There have been a number of incidents of accidents and fatalities caused by the liquefaction of cargos in bulk carriers, the most recent being the supramax bulk carrier Vinalines Queen, reported missing in December carrying a cargo of nickel ore. These tragic losses could have been avoided if the vessels had been protected by a PSM BulkSafe water ingress detection and alarm system, which provides advance warning of water layer formation in the bottom of the cargo, widely acknowledged as being an early stage of liquefaction.

Our wealth of experience in the testing and safety processes required in shipping of metal and mineral ore cargoes has led to the development of BulkSafe. This proven safety aid is able to detect the presence of the water in bulk carriers and conforms to SOLAS XII Regulation 12 for bulk carrier cargo holds.

BulkSafe is economic to install in both new build and retrofit situations and comes available with a full range of mechanical and electrical installation options. Only one sensor is required per hold and its rugged construction has no moving parts and will not wear or foul with damp cargo, making it highly reliable with low maintenance requirements. The system design allows it to be quickly tested and monitored from the deck with the holds filled and with no tooling or services.
We have over thirty years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and maintaining ship hold water ingress detection systems. So we have ensured that BulkSafe complies fully with the stringent IMO performance standards having undergone extensive testing in the presence of all of the major classification societies.  The system is offered with full type approval from Det Norke Veritas (DNV), Bureau Veritas (BV), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the China Classification Society (CCS).

To explore how to protect your ship with a detection and alarm system that provides advance warning of a possible cargo liquefaction hazard, email us at or call on  +44 (0) 1444 410040.

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